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Tim Harney

Custom motorcycle and automobile designer

Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. A kid on a mini motorcycle whizzes by the garage and Tim sits up. The doppler effect of the engine passing brings a smile to Tim’s face as he is planning out where to build the office room in his new shop. The sound and that sense of freedom is what lead him down this path. He turns up the classical music and gets back to work.
Tim Harney is a custom motorcycle and automobile designer by way of industrial design. Don’t call him an “artist” – even though the moniker would suit him well. Like a tailor he carefully measures his clients to insure a perfect fit. He will show you carefully drawn plans and obsess over every detail. He spends a lot of time on budgets and calendars. But behind these meticulous details and practicalities lies an adrenaline junkie just waiting to get his next fix.