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Cambridge, Massachusetts. Another end of a show. The fans are lining up for autographs and to purchase merch at the table by the bar. For the last hour Mike Deni, lead singer and creative force behind Geographer, has been the center of attention- the spotlight shining on him as he emotes perfectly pitched soulful synth pop. Those in the front usually sing along and dance while those in the back move their head to the upbeat songs and sway with their dates during ballads. Once the venue closes he will be with the rest of the band hauling gear into the back of the van and then onto the next show. It’s gritty and backbreaking at times and not anything like you would expect out of rockstar life. Going to bed early. Searching for a place to get fresh juice. Laundromats. But it is a dedication to perfection that keeps everyone going. No matter the city, no matter the small green rooms, he will put on the best sounding show possible.