Our Craftsmanship

Inspired by the vast textures of life, we explored the world to find only the most unique, exotic and genuine materials. Each hand selected and treated to perfection.

World Inspired. Genuine Materials. Crafted With Precision.

Our passion and obsession for exotic and unique materials drove us around the world in order to find the perfect materials to incorporate into our products. From reclaimed woods and hand knitted fabrics, to perfectly distressed leathers and machined edged metals, we combed through hundreds of materials to finally unify them all seamlessly into a one of a kind product experience. This human touch – the immense care and attention to detail is the backbone of what makes Cavalier and its products so unique.


Behind the Process

Aluminum Metal alloy chassis with machined edge

Each Cavalier is crafted using only the most premium aluminum and carefully engineered with machined edge to give a beautiful finish.

Genuine Leather

Hand selected leather from around the world. Each Cavalier is crafted with luxurious genuine leather to compliment the rest of the design and add true character to the product.

Knitted acoustic fabric

Our premium knitted fabric adds unique texture and character to our products. The high quality finish is crafted to not only look great, but feel great too. The texture, colors and patterns chosen to compliment your personal style.