Driven by sound, inspired by unique materials and a deep rooted passion for craftsmanship.

We are a USA based premium audio brand that creates voice controlled speaker solutions with refined craftsmanship, authentic materials and immersive sound with style that sets you apart from the ordinary.

Hear Our Story


Founder Albert Ashkenazi has audio built-into his DNA with a family heritage spanning 60 years in the consumer audio industry. While working in business & marketing and being a musician with a passion for performance, he saw a gap in the market for beautifully crafted sound solutions with authentic materials, stunning performance, and the latest technology. And so he set out on a two year journey to assemble a team to develop products dedicated to bridging the GAP between the creation of music and how we experience it.

"The adventure to create the most genuine audio performance is what motivates us every day. Our vision is guided by the beauty of life with a relentless commitment to aesthetics and superior craftsmanship."


Welcome to the Cavalier Experience

It’s our passion for fine craftsmanship that drives us and our designs every day. Unifying materials like leathers, woods and metals seamlessly into one beautiful product is what gives Cavalier its unique look and feel. Founded, designed and engineered in the USA.

Our Mission

cavalier is a one of a kind audio house with a mission to change the way you see, feel and hear your music. We are obsessed with two goals. To create and deliver the most authentic audio solutions on the market. To also connect our passion for impeccable sound & technology to our deep rooted love for materials. Join us as we create and build the Cavalier Experience.


We design and assemble our products using only the finest and most durable luxury materials, delivering the perfect balance of aesthetics, strength, style and performance.


We engineer our products to last, utilizing materials and finishes that stand the test of time.


Inspired by the vast textures of life, we hand-select all our materials with an uncompromising attention to detail. Our relentless commitment to authenticity is a standard we hold close to our heart.


Designed with a passion for performance to deliver immersive World Class acoustics paired with impeccable style so that you can celebrate your music your way.


We believe in delivering the latest technologies for the modern mobile lifestyle & world traveler with a commitment to timeless design & delightful interactions that set you apart from the ordinary.


At Cavalier, we believe that every dollar made is an opportunity to give back to our planet, invest in our society, and share what we can with individuals across the globe.