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Having Problems? Find answers to specific support topics.

    • Why is Alexa not responding?
      • Make sure the mic is not muted.
      • Make sure you are within range of the microphone.
      • Make sure the speaker is powered on and connected to your Wi-Fi Network.
      • Make sure you are logged into your Amazon account.
    • Alexa is not providing the correct weather forecast?
      • In the Alexa app, tap Menu (three horizontal lines at the top left of the screen).
      • Select “Settings.”
      • Select “Device Name.”
      • Select the “Device Location”, enter your complete address.
      • Tap “Save” located at the top right.
    • How can I share my CAV1?
      Other users can view the CAV1 when on the same Wi-Fi Network. While they can use their own Cavalier account to access the CAV1, we recommend using the Cavalier account of origin to ensure full functionality of the CAV1 and the “Cavalier” app.
    • My CAV1 does not connect to my Wi-Fi?
      • Make sure the speaker is fully charged or connected to the AC adapter, and the adapter is plugged into a live outlet.
      • Make sure that you are connecting to a personal network (2.4Ghz, 802.11 b/g/n) and not an enterprise network such as in a business setting or college dorm.
      • Make sure your device is on the same network.
      • Make sure to press and hold the “Wi-Fi” button for 5 seconds to initiate the Wi-Fi network search.
      • If the issue persists, restore the CAV1 to the factory settings. See “reset” FAQ.
    • I can’t see my CAV1 in the “Cavalier” app.
      • Make sure the speaker is charged or connected to the AC adapter, and the adapter is plugged into a live outlet.
      • Make sure you are in the same Wi-Fi network.
      • Make sure the CAV1 is connected to the Wi-Fi Network.


Discover answers to some of the most common questions about your Cavalier Audio product.

    • How do I check for firmware updates?
      • Open the “Cavalier” app.
      • Tap CAV1 speaker icon.
      • Select “Firmware.”
      • The app will check if a new firmware is available. It will automatically begin the firmware update process.
    • Can I revert to an older Firmware version?
      No, you cannot revert to a previous firmware once you update.
    • Can’t log into Amazon
    • What is the Battery life of the CAV1 speaker?
    • Is the CAV1 speaker IP rated (waterproof)?
    • Can I use the CAV1 speaker in cold or hot weather?
    • What is the wireless range for audio streaming?
      The Bluetooth wireless range is approximately 33 feet.
    • The speaker fails to pair to my phone via Bluetooth.
      • Make sure your speaker is turned on and in Bluetooth mode. Press and hold the Bluetooth button down for 2 seconds or until you hear the word “Pairing.”
      • Make sure that your device and speaker are within the 33 feet Bluetooth range.
      • Move your speaker and your phone away from other wireless devices. You may be experiencing interference.
      • If the problem persists – press and hold the Bluetooth button for 10 seconds to clear/reset the Bluetooth settings.


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