Respect & Responsibility

At Cavalier, we believe that every dollar made is an opportunity to give back to our planet, invest in our society, and share what we can with individuals across the globe.

Giving Back

With the universe moving fast, we feel we have been put in a position to truly contribute back to all that has got us here. For thousands of years, our family was taught and has upheld the tradition to share our profits to all parts of our world (maaser). We plan to continue this tradition and extend it to all who join the Cavalier family by sharing with them where their contribution will go as well as a visual meter to see our progress.

We’re in this together

Whether it’s the environment, an individual struggle, patients of all kinds, or pockets of society that could use some empowering support, we will partner with various charitable causes throughout the years. Whether through awareness or dollars, we will continue to search for opportunities to join those who are working endlessly to add beauty to our world.